Repackaging, Blending, Product Transfer, and Storage

SRS offers the following packaging services:

  •   Truck to Truck Transfers
  •   Truck to Tote packaging
  •   Druming
  •   Blending
  •   Inventory Management and Container Storage
  •   Bulk Storage
  •   Custom Bulk Distribution

  Industrial Chemical and Raw Materials Distribution

SRS provides the industrial chemical and raw material distribution network to meet your needs.

The following are some examples of the recycled product lines that we offer. SRS can provide products in bulk, totes, or in 55 gallon drums. See our Products tab for the most comprehensive list of products offered.

  •   SRS Tank Wash Solvent
  •   SRS Viscosity Adjustors
  •   Sulfuric Acid
  •   Acetic Acid
  •   Phosphoric Acid
  •   Acetone
  •   Xylene
  •   Hexane and Hexane Blends
  •   Mineral Spirits
  •   Methanol
  •   Caustic 20-50%

  SRS Branded Manufactured Products

We manufacture/blend the following products at SRS:

  •   Star Windshield Wash Fluid -25F
  •   Intermediate Process Viscosity Adjustors
  •   Tank Wash Solvents
  •   Diesel Substitute
  •   Cutter Stock
  •   SRS Star Hand Sanitizer

  Environmental Consulting in Waste Minimization and Reuse

We offer industrial facility evaluations for recycle and beneficial reuse opportunities.

SRS has a systematic approach to reuse and recycling. We offer a combination of our vast reuse network for a diverse group of products. We also have the ability to use several chemical families in our own blends for reuse as viscosity adjustors or tank wash solvents.

Evaluations are guaranteed to provide waste minimization and cost savings. Our company works to provide the best and most accurate responses to all of your recycling and reuse needs.

  Industrial Chemical and Raw Material Recycling

SRS specializes in the following source reduction projects:

  •   Co-Products from Manufacturing
  •   Off-Spec or out of date products
  •   Tank, Barge, Rail or other container bottoms
  •   Excess inventory

SRS has a systematic approach to reuse materials. We take the time to understand where the product came from so that we understand the limitations of it's use, as well as the positive and negitive chemical charitoristics.

We preform our own independent lab work on all prospective products and raw materials so that we can narrow down and target the best use, and reuse, for the raw materials that are no longer needed in your operation.

Just because a product will not work in your process, that does not mean that it will not work in another. Our goal is to extend the useful life of every product we touch.

Our ultimate company goal is to reduce the overall carbon footprint that we leave behind by finding one more use for all the chemicals and raw materials that our customers produce.

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