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Industrial Product Blending and Repackaging

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Our Story

Sound Resource Solutions is an Industrial Solutions based company whose focus is on Blending, Repackaging, Distribution, and Logistics with our eye on Sustainability.

We understand that all business starts with an Opportunity. That Opportunity requires a short-term response that solves the immediate need. Then a long-term Plan that supplies a smooth Sustainable Solution.

Our resources are focused on both Short-Term transactional excellence and Long-Term Sustainable Solutions.

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Our Solutions

We have the Solutions to your Opportunities today.

  •   Fixed Assets such as a 22-acre Distribution, Repackaging, and Blending facility.
  •   Full Service Trucking Company with the best drivers in the industry.
  •   A willingness to make the Capital improvements that are required to grow as your Opportunities turn into long-term Relationships.

Traditional Raw Material Distribution is our primary business but Environmentally Sustainable Solutions is our passion.

We will always offer the most Environmentally Friendly Solutions in the Industry.

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Our Tools

SRS Branded Products:

  •   SRS Viscosity Adjustors
  •   SRS Industrial Fuel
  •   SRS Tank Wash and Line Claaner
  •   SRS Windshield Washing fluid
  •   SRS Liquid Hand Sanitizer
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Blending, Storage and Repackaging

with Fixed Assets and a willingness to invest and grow.

Logistics Solutions

SoundRS Logistics with our own trucks for the flexibility that your business needs.

Recycling and Reuse

with any eye on our Planet

Our Products

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